About Us


Pixstaff Media. We’re not old men in suits.

We are a company founded by three women, who are passionate about creating high quality, compelling content, with the aim to tell diverse and socially conscious stories. We at Pixstaff Media strive to celebrate human diversity, LGBTQ issues, and female empowerment. Our goal is to inspire and support voices that have yet to be heard.

Where does the name, “Pixstaff Media,” come from?

“Pixstaff” is a portmanteau derived from two words: Distaff and Pixel. The word “pixel” speaks to our creative medium. We work digitally to create our short films and other content. The word also speaks to our collaborative nature. It takes many pixels to make up an image, and many people to create a film. The word “distaff” can be used to mean, “a woman’s work or domain.”  According to Women’s Media Center: On the 250 top-grossing domestic films of 2015-16, of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors and cinematographers, combined, only 17% were female.* By using “distaff” in our name we are expressing the idea that filmmaking is a place where women belong.

*Source: Women’s Media Center: The Status of Women in U.S Media 2017